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Our rates are affordable and very competitive in relation to other design studios. Each project is evaluated and priced after discussing your site aesthetics, sections, features and functionality. Our project rates are scaled to the startup entrepreneur, small or medium sized business, non-profit or large corporation.

  • Includes one simple flash element. Usually an extremely fast loading slide feature. More extensive flash is available for an additional fee.
  • Navigation link rollover effects.
  • Coding the front page so you can view the live effects.
  • Designing the inside template, which correlates with the front page theme, and reviewing with a reasonable amount of changes.
  • Creating all the inside template pages as shells to fill, and linking them to the index page and/or cross-linking to sub pages.
  • Inputing all text and photo content.
  • Final testing of site.
  • Creating keywords and title tags designed to maximize your site's visibility.
  • Publishing finished site.
  • Search engine submission.

Additional hours would be involved in such things as:

  • Further site optimization and development.
  • Creating additional design options, special effects, research for images, and/or special features (i.e. send link to friend, search site, form building, email subscribe, shopping cart).

If you require writing/editing or consulting services, please email me for a quote.

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