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Writer / Editor

I've been pursuing the writing craft now for 25 years and still approach every sentence as a sculpture to shape and finesse. A single word has the emotional charge of a lightening strike—50,000 volts of sheer emotional energy. Two words joined become a molecule of effective prose. Ten words distill an idea or statement from cloudy and amorphous to pithy and concrete. Extrapolate a thousand words (or 90,000) into a brochure, press release, article, an essay, a short story or book and readers will be moved, motivated, changed, urged, inspired—and definitely informed.

When it comes to content marketing writing, the intent is to move customers to identify the content with the purpose and opportunities of the company brand. The best advertising is natural and organic to the interests and life philosophy of the audience, and the most potent copywriting exists as an integral expression of the company.

Similarly, with editing I bring the tools of subtle shaping and contemporary voice. What makes a piece readable and memorable, and fit the mindset of the client, yet reach into and influence the readers’ minds?

Over the passage of 25 years I have written journalism articles, essays, white papers, poetry, short stories, courses, book chapters, headlines, marketing brochures, tracts, poster copy, encyclopedia entries, advertising copy, press releases, sales letters, manuals, publishing tip sheets, reviews, doctorate level scholastic papers, historical perspectives, affirmations and motivational emails. Each project is a mountain to be climbed: the equipment of language, the route of approach, the weather of mood and atmosphere, and the stamina of making the climb. Finishing the project on time. On deadline.

As a former monk/minister with Bachelor’s degrees in History and Creative Writing and Masters in Philosophy and Spiritual Psychology, I have covered miles of philosophical and contemplative countries in my writing. I have just finished one 122,000 word novel, and have a second one in the works.

Yet, I have also covered war and calamitous disasters on several continents, galvanizing social and ethical issues, political and religious events, science breakthroughs, environmental and ecological concerns and happenstances, eastern and western history, technology and the future. I have probed for revealing profiles, researched the hidden backcountries of in-depth writing, and read several thousand books in an attempt to encompass great ideas and great writing.

The following are small sorted collections of my professional writings. All have been published.

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