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I offer expert execution and strategy, and five years of extremely high batting average success in organic search engine ranking for businesses, individuals and nonprofits. Search engine ranking, often called SEO, is the most crucial part of your online business if you are relying on people to find you through their searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other minor search engines. You may have a very finely designed site with great functionality, but if you’re not showing up under people’s searches using natural language keyword phrases, then you’re missing hundreds and thousands of potential customers or clients.

Search engine optimization (SEO SF Bay Area) is a true art and science within the web development-marketing world, and few people have truly mastered it. I (and the HTML coder I work with) have mastered it through continued real life experience of developing the search engine strategy for sites, executing it, submitting the sites and watching as the site would often rank within 4-6 days of submission on Google and Yahoo for local ranking efforts and often as quickly for national ranking efforts. National ranking takes more time than local ranking because there is so much more competition in the keyword phrases.

I and my coder are very unusual in that we combine advanced skills in web site design, coding, and also in search engine ranking and content writing. My background is very strong in both the fields of writing and designing. And it is writing and very perceptive analytical skills and best practice coding that make search engine ranking work for each site we do this service for.

Many web developers say they know SEO, but that is probably a gross overstatement. SEO (San Francisco Bay Area search engine ranking) is very tricky and sophisticated and you have to have a lot of real world experience before you know what actually works and what doesn’t work or may harm your ranking prospects. Our search engine ranking is “Best Practices” that is most acceptable and looked for by the search engines.

We have developed a proprietary method in search engine ranking that includes an extensive keyword analysis, competitor site analysis and custom tag and content writing and coding for each page targeted for ranking.

It works! Over the past four months, we have achieved first page ranking on Google and Yahoo (often number 1 or in top 5) for ten sites, both in local ranking and national.

Contact me for our track record for sites in SEO ranking.

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