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Big data, data mining, or predictive analytics are the most critically important and valuable processes in today’s world of constant, massive amounts of data. Data that expertly extracted, cleaned, sifted, analyzed becomes the wellspring for making the best possible business and marketing decisions for your company.

That’s what our platforms and services at AGSFT do for you: extract, clean, sift, analyze, and finally produce quality knowledge. Our mission is to become your trusted partner in this critical process. Improve sales and customer demand. Build effective customer relationships.

Big data is now ubiquitous. It’s everywhere - as every action and every social media interchange on any digital source produces more data. It will only grow more richly complex. And it reaches not only into your products or services (and new models of business available), but how your corporate culture functions - how your people interact with one another and other businesses. In short, data mining and clarified data knowledge is essential in today’s business, technology, industry, organization environs.

What you need: very potent processing power, cognitive analytics insights and skills.

That’s what AGSFT provides - from the right questions to ask of big data to the cloud or migration services needed for profound quality data management.

What We Do:

  • Consulting toward optimum insight into customers or processes

  • Building with platforms (including open source and Hadoop architecture)

  • Integrating sources, systems, architectures - legacy to next-gen

  • Developing open source, cloud based, migration, parallel processing, scalable applications (such as

  • DataPro, our data quality solution)

  • Finding Optimum Paths to Future Sales and Solutions

The purpose of big data is to increase sales or discern solutions among pattern. The big data bandwidth is so voluminous it can become dangerous if mis-analyzed - take you in the wrong direction, for example. At a certain size of your business you will recognize the necessity to work with a partner such as us who can bring insightful meaning to an avalanche of data. The past and present can predict the future, or mold the future. Talk to us today.

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