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At Laser Advantage we are compassionately aware that women or men on occasion need aesthetic care to enhance their appearance and sense of self. How people perceive us, and our own self perception, is an important, healthy, integral aspect of humanness. Our appearance travels through all aspects of life: intimate partners, family, work, friends, exercise, lifestyle and entertainment pursuits. It’s also, of course, how we look in the mirror. Are we happy or content with what we see?

We all have skin flaws. Some are from birth—inherited. Others come through the experience of life. Others arrive as we age. So, we may have unwanted hair, spider veins, sun-damaged skin. We may have a look older than our years or how we feel inside. Tattoos may have outgrown their purpose. Moles, warts or other skin tags arrive, or have been with us for years, and it’s now time to have them removed.

Here at the offices of Laser Advantage we deeply understand these self-reflective considerations. Our staff—Dr. James L. Edwards and Marti Edwards RN—has over 30 years of experience in aesthetic health care.

Regardless of gender, if you have appearance considerations, we encourage you to give us a call or send us an email as soon as convenient. There’s really no reason to hesitate. We offer financing as well.

Rest assured that you are coming to a care facility that understands your privacy and concerns. In the initial conversations we knowledgeably discuss the benefits of the procedure—as well as the risks. If you have questions, we’re pleased to provide the most complete answers. Alongside of our empathy and compassion for your situation, we place uncompromising emphasis on safety. The many aesthetic procedures we offer are low in risk—be assured of that. Yet, they are not zero risk. We carefully walk you through all aspects of the procedure.

Our ultimate goal is for you to be delighted and completely satisfied with the new you. And to feel that special pride and glow of self-assured appearance.

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