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Are you faced with challenges or problems, setbacks or misunderstandings that seem beyond your ability to meet or solve?

Are you involved in businesses, groups or communities that face challenges in relationships with other groups or communities that seem beyond resolution and peaceful cooperation?

Are there situations in your life that are too confrontational or too fraught with historical differences that seem insurmountable?

If, despite all self-reflection or measures you've undertaken to overcome difficult relationships, you or a group you're involved in still face relationship polarization, then Love is the Solution brings essential, yet powerful guidance.

Based on his personal, close experience of deep, often terrible conflict between people and communities—including religious communities—author Nasser Zaghi crafts a series of solution keys based on a deeper understanding of the nature and process of love.

Love is the Solution speaks to each person about understanding love as a process of four principles: love, acceptance, fairness, doing one's best. These four principles taken as life studies or meditations and put into practice possess the power to transform problems and challenges into conditions of understanding, harmony and cooperation.

Nasser Zaghi observes of his book: Over the past several years I have undertaken extensive research into the problem of cultivating peace and happiness for individuals and communities. In searching for a viable answer to this question, I have studied various resources and interviewed leaders in all fields of endeavors—including religion, politics, and professional fields—as well as persons suffering from serious life problems. The conclusion I arrived at is that love is the solution.

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In his first book—after twenty five years of watching suffering between peoples and dialogue with many religious and social leaders—Nasser Zaghi offers a collection of aphoristic statements crafted to awaken a fresh understanding of love as a solution to conflict. Coming out of the historical and galvanizing conflicts of Iran in the 1970's Zaghi came to America to not only pursue financial stability, but was often inspired to contemplate the nature of conflict between individuals and communities that seemed hopelessly entangled in discord and often abuse or conscienceless violence. He examined historical patterns of conflict and misunderstanding between religious groups and as well between individuals in contemporary settings.

What were the hurdles to people beginning the process of understanding differences and arriving at peaceful compromise or cooperation?

While talking to religious leaders, historians, sociologists, politicians, and a rich amalgam of ordinary yet informed people from many nationalities, Zaghi began to realize that the convictions of love taught in all religions and ethics teachings were being laid aside or applied only within the group, and often not outside of the group. This was not a new revelation, but he took it into his more contemplative moments and formed four principles that he thought would inspire a more essential conflict resolution: love, acceptance, fairness and doing one's best.

These four principles are given poignant expression in Love is the Solution, a book that will inspire reflection upon some of the most important dimensions of life that we often take for granted. These four principles and Zaghi's further reflections on the nature of hatred may awaken a sense of dedication to practice within yourself and within the communities you are most involved in.

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