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At Marley & Company, Inc., a Bay Area licensed contractor, our philosophy and practice is to bring you unequalled excellence, deep value and warm and responsible dialog as our client for a building, remodeling, or home improvement project in the East Bay and greater Bay Area.

From the moment you call us or walk into our showroom, our staff will be responsive and expertly informed in exploring your plans and lifestyle goals for re-crafting an area of your home into its next elegant and functional expression. If you are seeking a new modeling of a kitchen or bath space or an addition (even a second story addition)—including if you bring construction plans to us—we offer expert guidance and execution of all stages of your project. From conceptualizing to finalizing plans and engineering to affordable value-in budgeting and building craft, clean up, safety and the finish process and service warranty, our people focus entirely on your desired outcome in an atmosphere of warm accommodation.

Through years of knowledgeable experience with very satisfied clients, we specialize in kitchens, bathrooms and additions—from elementary to luxury renditions. Bringing planning, budgeting and construction mastery to these specialty areas makes us a very valuable partner in creating new living spaces with you.

Our showroom is open from Monday through Saturday, from 10am to 5pm—located at 550 Hartz Ave. in Danville, California. Private appointments can be arranged to fit into your schedule.


As a well-established Bay Area contractor and innovator in living space design-build or construction, our record of accomplishments, enthused clients and overall approach to practice and dialog give us a deep background in providing the best choices in architectural and interior design and finished wares for your kitchen, bathroom or room addition.

The Marley showroom encompasses 3,500 square feet of master-crafted cabinetry from European shops—imparting a true Old World sense—and a rich collection of Traditional and Contemporary styles. Variety in texture and look—through a palette of stains, paints, glazes and finishes—affords you the opportunity to honestly preview design expressions. Our large selection also gives you comparable costs to local big box home centers. Plus, our service is personalized, immediate and knowledgeable.

The four ware lines we carry are exceptional—chosen after much consideration and deliberation and range through several levels of pricing. For plumbing, fixture and hardware choices, the lines we offer are, again, exceptional and well qualified.

Our product offerings include the following fine works:

  • Quality Cabinetry

  • Tile, Stone & Wood Flooring

  • Tile & Stone Backsplashes

  • Door & Cabinetry Hardware

  • Kitchen & Bath Plumbing Fixtures

  • Gourmet Appliances

From Marley & Company’s choice selection of cabinetry—

French Country

These pieces are hand carved in European shops by master craftsmen following Old World style designs. With 1/8-inch hardwood exteriors, these wares exude vintage character and care, reflecting the stylings of chateaus and manors, townhouses and estates—spanning the cabinet ideals from French to Italian homes. Included are Country French, Tuscan and Traditional. Considered one of a kind, these pieces capture the reality of custom to your remodeling. Details include European hardware, custom finishing and other remarkable flourishes.

Quality Custom Cabinetry

A collection of pieces hand-made from the sublime shops of the Pennsylvania Dutch country. Our American assembly of custom cabinetry—these works range from traditional designs to the spare lines of contemporary, with a variety of style approaches in between established to edgy. Woods are American select. The overall feel of these exquisite works is quiet and warm, a contemplative sense of hearth and home.

Jay Rambo

This is a medium range priced line of cabinets, yet still capture the feel of fine woods wedded to inspirational design modes. These cabinets are also very adaptable, fitting nicely into any style. They are the quintessential cabinet assembly to be customized into the look you’re visualizing. The finishes on this collection are superb with a rich spectrum of finishes from high gloss to matte and a sumptuous selection of paint colors.


For projects demanding fully customizable cabinetry in a mid-price range, the Crestwood pieces are an inspiring and elegant choice. Combining very attractive woods with brilliant and richly-varied finishes, these pieces are affordable expressions of beauty and function for your kitchen and bath.

Service Program

Over years of experience Marley & Company has developed a warranty program for construction and installation that ensures our post-completion commitment and performance towards you and your remodeling project. This warranty program addresses any of the maintenance issues that are normal in most construction projects. Whenever there is a concern, clients are encouraged to contact your staff representative immediately. We will respond responsibly and quickly.

Marley & Company follows up your project, upon completion, with these benchmarks:

  • A 30-day service list

  • A 6-month service list

  • A 1-year service list

We track these dates through a web site that notifies Marley personnel when it is time to set an appointment for reviewing the client’s project and all concerns.

Typical maintenance fixes are:

  • Caulking shrinkage

  • Tighten knobs & handles

  • Adjust drawers & doors

  • Tighten plumbing connections

  • Minor cabinetry scratches

  • Seal tile and grout

  • Check appliances

Our Warranty

Term—The coverage’s (several varieties) terms of our warranty begin on the date of Substantial completion. Substantial completion is defined as the date when the work defined in our contract renders the house useable for purpose(s) for which the work was intended. This warranty shall terminate 24 months after the commencement date unless stated otherwise.

Coverage—The contractor warrants that by the standards of construction relevant in the city and state for a period of 24 months:

  • The floors, ceilings, walls, and other internal structural components of the dwelling in which the work is completed, will be free of defects in materials and workmanship.

  • The plumbing, H.V.A.C, and electrical systems will be free of defects in materials and workmanship.

  • The roof will be free of leaks caused by defects in materials or workmanship.

Manufacturers Warranties—the contractor passes through to the owner (to the extent they are assignable), the manufacturers’ warranties on all appliances and equipment. The following items are examples of such appliances and equipment, although not every project includes all of these items and some projects may include appliances or equipment not in this list: refrigerator, range furnace or heat pump, dishwasher, garbage disposal, ventilating fan, air conditioner.

Exclusions—Marley & Company does not assume responsibility for any of the following, all of which are excluded from the coverage of this warranty:

Consequential or incidental damages: Defects in appliances and equipment that are covered by manufacturers' warranties (Marley & Co. has assigned these manufacturers warranties to the Owner to the extent they are assignable. As defects appear in these items, the Owner should follow the procedures in these warranties).

Damage resulting from ordinary wear and tear, abusive use or lack of proper maintenance of the work completed by Marley & Co: Defects that result from characteristics common to the material used, such as (but not limited to) warping and deflection of wood; fading, chalking, and checking of paint from exposure to sunlight; cracks that occurred during drying and curing of concrete, stucco, plaster, bricks, and masonry; drying, shrinking, and cracking of caulking and weather stripping. Defects in items installed by the Owner or anyone other than Marley & Co. or, if requested by Marley & Co., by Marley & Co's trade Work done by the Owner or anyone other than Marley & Co. or, if requested by Marley & Co., by Marley & Co. s trade contractors. Conditions resulting from condensation on, expansion of, or contraction of materials. Loss or injury attributable to the elements. Paint applied over newly plastered interior walls.

No other warranties: This warranty is the only express warranty the Contractor gives. Implied warranties, including (but not limited to) warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, habitability, and good workmanship are limited to the warranty period of 24 months.

The Marley Process

Every design process is unique, however most follow this common sequence:

Initial Contact

Come in to our beautiful showroom and educate yourself with samples and information from our in-house design staff. If our products, services and philosophy suit your sensibilities, please schedule an appointment with one of the designers to come to your house.

Preliminary Estimate

We will measure your kitchen and begin compiling a Scope of work that brings together your ideas with our designers’ perspective and ideas. We will ask experience, helpful questions and make value-added suggestions. Then, we schedule an appointment with you at our showroom to review a preliminary Scope Of Work and preliminary costs of the proposed work.

Design Retainer

Join us for a scheduled meeting in our showroom to review the preliminary Scope Of Work for your project and a preliminary floor plan. After this review, we walk you through the showroom to view the cabinet ware of other items priced for your work. If you are pleased with the presentation, Marley & Co. will draft a design retainer— $1,500.00 for a kitchen and $750.00 for each additional room. The design process has now started.

Step One

The Production Manager makes an appointment to travel to your home and precisely measure the rooms of the project. Following this, the client and the designer will schedule a showroom appointment to review the floor plans—usually two different schemes. At this meeting we will arrive at a lifestyle and aesthetic sense for appliances and the basic layout for the kitchen.

Step Two

Meet at the showroom to decide on the floor plan. Look at options for the style of kitchen desired, and from this decision develop elevations drawings.

Step Three

Finalize the elevations. We will review all of the details, appliances, and cabinetry accessories, and cabinet hardware. Final costs of the total project are presented.

Step Four

Review final drawings, Specification Sheets, and the Scope of Work. Make any changes if necessary. Review the contract.

Step Five

Sign the contract and compile a list of project facets that need final decisions before the job starts.

Step Six

Preconstruction meeting. Schedule an onsite meeting with the Production Manager, Designer and the Lead Carpenter to go over conditions of the project including start times, demolition routes, pets, daily clean up, temporary toilet, etc.

See our more detailed PDF containing the complete design process with measuring instructions. Click Here to Download PDF.

If you are unable to open the above link please download Adobe Reader.

For Architects and General Contractors

Our downtown Danville showroom—showcasing a richly varied range of cabinetry— offers you and your clients a "one stop" home base to make knowledgeable selections on cabinetry design, layout and finishes. Alongside our cabinetry lines are our carefully chosen lines of hardware, plumbing and fixtures, tile and stone. Many of our guests and clients comment that our showroom creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for viewing cabinetry and other kitchen/bath accessories toward the perfect selection for each one’s ideals.

We offer five distinctive cabinet lines for every room. This includes kitchens, libraries, family rooms, offices, baths and utility rooms. Our pricing follows the spectrum of the budget conscious to those pursuing the finest luxury cabinets available.

Quality Custom Cabinetry—master crafted cabinets designed for beauty and full customizing of living space, with high quality finishes to suit any room ideal.

Custom "Olde World" French cabinetry designed with European grace and flair by masters and completely hand crafted. These cabinets are unique in the Bay Area.

We also carry Jay Rambo, Crestwood and Medallion Cabinets. They range from moderate to the upper price range, and encompass all custom features expected.

Our Certified Kitchen Designer is on staff to guide your clients through the design and selection process.

If you have established a budget for the cabinetry, we will work with your client in design and selection to meet that price range. As fine builders we are aware of time sensitivity and will assist your clients through the process to meet your building schedule.

Clients are confident in their choices during and after assistance by our knowledgeable staff and Certified Kitchen Designer. They appreciate the expert selection of designs, finishes and prices our cabinet wares present. Their time is saved in not having to visit multiple showrooms.

You will receive finished hand-drawn floor plans and elevations.

You will be kept informed of our progress after each meeting with the client.

If the purchase of the cabinetry is made by the contractor, we will offer the contractor a 10% discount and a 20% discount on hardware or plumbing fixtures. If the contractor prefers the purchase made by the client, we will pay a 5% referral fee on the cabinetry.

At Marley & Company our entire staff looks forward to conceptualizing and building "Dream kitchens with you and your clients.”

For Interior Designers

Interior designers are impressed with our beautiful downtown Danville showroom’s 3500-plus square feet of creative and inspired displays, and use the showroom for personally accompanying or sending clients for selection and living space viewing.

In the showroom’s layout of classic, traditional and contemporary displays they can see and discuss with their clients the inspiring possibilities for their kitchens, baths or additions. Marley and Company is open six days a week or we can arrange private appointments to meet the designers’ or clients’ schedule.

At Marley we specialize in four distinctive cabinet lines that encompass the lines, woods and finishes from European master shops to Dutch Pennsylvania and other Americana looks, woods and finishes to customizable cabinet pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and affordable. Our cabinets are carefully chosen as pieces that may be suited for every room including kitchens, libraries, family rooms, furniture pieces and baths. Our stain, paint and glaze finishes number in the hundreds—all on view for your discerning clients. Additionally, we feature door styles and complete kitchen displays.

Quality Custom Cabinetry—Recognized in the industry and among connoisseurs as the benchmark in truly custom cabinetry. Custom color matching, nearly endless options of distressing, glazing and door design. If it is part of your design and living space ideal—they make it! This is an incredibly designer/customer oriented furniture cabinetmaker. Made in Pennsylvania. All pieces come with extremely durable catalyzed conversion varnish for easy maintenance.

Custom "Olde World" French cabinetry designed with European grace and flair by master designers and completely hand crafted. These cabinets are unique in the Bay Area.

We also offer Jay Rambo Cabinetry. This line features an array of construction approaches from frameless to beaded inset. This is a mid-price cabinet line yet offers a virtually unlimited choice in woods, stains and paints. Jay Rambo is a "very hands on" Company and offer excellent service.

Crestwood Cabinetry is our newest line and ranges from an inexpensive builders line up to fully custom cabinets with "crackle" finish, paint with rubs, distressing and glazes.

Marley and Company is committed to very responsible service, knowledgeable assistance and attention to detail to make all projects smooth in execution and dialogue.

Our talented and award-winning designers are available to creatively assist in the design and layout of your projects. In-house designers can take your design and produce CAD production drawings for you or produce 20/20 3D designs. We are here to work with you to provide the pinnacle in creative cooperation in a comfortable environment.

We offer designers a 10% discount on the retail price of the cabinetry. We will issue you a check upon the final inspection, after installation of the cabinetry.

For Real Estate Agents


In the greater Bay Area, Marley & Company is an exceptionally competent and creative kitchen and bath remodeling firm. Through long years of enjoyable experience and thousands of man-hours of expertise we are devoted to the highest standards, superior craftsmanship and total client satisfaction. From our exclusive showroom to our customized designs, material ordering, completed installation and follow up, you are served by a single, overarching firm. We are proud of our unique full service “one-stop” client-centered approach. This approach encompasses site evaluation, customized conceptual design, professional working drawings, complete responsibility for satisfied installation, and the best home warranty and service programs available.

Marley & Company is structured and managed to bring each client a genuine sense of “peace of mind” by eliminating concerns about subcontractors, time schedules and accountability. Our “one stop” approach starts with our Danville Showroom where you can see, touch and explore one of the best collections of hand-crafted, customizable and affordably manufactured cabinet pieces in the Bay Area.

Our talented and accredited design team provides the expert and artful creativity toward your “agreed upon” customized design. Marley & Company's construction team—with over eighty years of construction management experience—establishes comprehensive project controls and timetables. They will ensure that all financial, quality, safety and related project demands and objectives are met.

Marley & Company is a General Contractor licensed in the State of California, bonded and insured. We are proud to be members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association and the Better Business Bureau.

We work every day to ensure Marley & Company provides an environment of collaborative effort with our clients. Our intention is to build and sustain mutual trust, respect, and confidence in us so that your financial investment results in an improved lifestyle, long-term home enjoyment, and most of all, satisfied homeowners.


Design/Build is a powerful approach in remodeling and new home building. It comprises the joint in-house process of professionally designing with the client their perfect living space and the actual construction of that space. As a design/build firm, Marley weds the best of improvised architectural design for your ideas and quality crafting, materials and longevity in construction.

Projects that are successful have at their foundation excellent plans that reflect your ideal renovation or addition and your budget. We are able to create plans from your ideas that dovetail into your budget perfectly. Having such creative and tight control over the plans enables us to build with superb standards and cost-effectiveness. Encompassing the luxury home addition or kitchen/bath remodel to modest budget-driven renovation, our design/build ability fits any need and dream. Overall, it is the most successful approach to the finished work you envision.

Design/build eliminates many traditional risks an owner takes when remodeling their home. By combining the best of designing and building, we take the risks and challenges (such as price guarantee, trade contractors, suppliers and etc.) for our client. We provide cost control and seamless design-construction. This creates "custom-built living spaces.” Our own in-house design team and construction crew work side by side in all aspects of this process.

Marley & Company generates ideas based on the homeowner's desires, lifestyle and budget. With your budget range in mind, our team of designers and construction managers work with you to create your project in full expression of your ideals—on time, on budget, and with a powerful warranty in place.

Marley & Company also offers the convenience of selling products to the end user. This even makes the design/build process even more attractive. We effectively coordinate all aspects of the remodeling or addition to create a stress free and creative environment.

Why Choose Marley & Company?

Handling a remodel project without an experienced remodeling contractor will be complicated, time-consuming, and stressful. Relax. Marley & Company is committed to working hard so your remodel project is smooth, timely, of the highest quality and meets your every expectation. As an aside from us, your project should be fun.

There are many reasons to contract with a company that offers both in-house design services and construction services under one roof. It distills down to being easier, more efficient, and less stressful.

Marley & Company offers the design/build process with the additional creative asset of our showroom. We outline this philosophy in a few simple ways;

Professional Design

Starts with professional, seasoned, and accredited designers. Alongside our designers is our in-house drafting personnel—using the most sophisticated versions of Auto Cad software. This enables drawings using 24-inch by 36-inch architectural sheets. The design process concludes with behind-the-scenes support staff who double checks the catalog of details.

The Best Quality Products

Although our products are sometimes slightly more expensive, they last. Marley & Company offers extensive lines of products that arch from great value to opulent luxury.

Seamless Construction

In-house construction services makes it easier for both the client and the contractor. The client only has one contact. Material ordering and installation are easier, efficient and better ensured of quality.

Service Process

With all process for you project in-house, Marley & Company offers an unsurpassed level of service to our clients. We feature a customized web site that notifies our production department when regular service calls for your project are to be scheduled.

Timely Completion

Marley & Company schedules jobs on sophisticated computer software providing us with the ideal time line toward the scheduled completion date. We order and accumulate all of the products before the job starts. This practice gives us great accuracy in scheduling our jobs.

Showroom Experience

Imagine buying an expensive car or house without seeing it first? The showroom experience is extraordinarily valuable, a hands-on exploration that far surpasses the conventional methods of piece and ware selection. Marley & Co. has 3700 square feet of displays and examples to view and examine in context—available to the client during the design process.

Lead Carpenter System

Marley & Company assigns a qualified Lead Carpenter to every job. The Lead Carpenter is the professional point man for the client. The Lead is responsible for the scheduling, carpentry, and supervision of all the project facets. This is vital on a complex remodel project.

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