Passion Purpose

We (Richard and Lorraine Platt) are couples, marriage, family, teen, dating and relationship development therapists—and we are married ourselves. Thus bringing experiential and insightful dimensions to our therapy, counseling and coaching work that few others in the Bay Area or northern California provide.

For many years we have been helping single women and men discover the love qualities and deeper understanding within themselves to attract their naturally most-suited relationship partners. Experience dates and dating with renewed anticipation.

Married or partnering couples seeking more meaningful connection, romance and passion in their relationship benefit from practices that provide structure, clarity and decision-making for men, and for women the ability to relax into your natural radiance, to become an irresistible force of nature.

For teens, we offer special nurturing and guidance that heals with gentle insight and transforming practice. Our therapy and coaching to youth comes from our own youthfulness.

Whether you are feeling down, disconnected, moody, anxious and lacking peace, or are seeking the natural beauties of human and relationship life, we would like to being a dialogue with you.

Richard & Lorraine Platt are California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists and Relationship Development Coaches.

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