Recession Shopping: Online Site’s Coupons Have Big Impact On Consumer Budgets

SAN FRANCISCO - (Business Wire) - Budget-conscious consumers in this deep 2009 recession are using online coupon store in rapidly increasing numbers. Everyday, consumers from all levels of income are turning to CouponAlbum’s online coupons as an easy and safe means to save 10-30% on an enormous range of goods. The rate of visits to CouponAlbum recently has been exponential as there is more media exposure for online coupons and consumers pass along their coupon strategy to others to help out in difficult economic times. People who have lost their jobs are increasingly turning to to stretch out the purchasing power of savings.

CouponAlbum lists over 20,000 online coupons (also printable) from everyday necessities to occasional needs or gifts. CouponAlbum CEO Vik Mehta says, “All these are updated throughout each day, so consumers have an hour-by-hour picture of coupons that offer immediate savings for them on all of their shopping interests.” This means that if a small business, individual or a family is being stressed by the recession, CouponAlbum can be a means of daily savings that add up quickly.

Coupon shoppers are savvy about searching out the best coupon deals and they can be disappointed or even angered when a coupon does not register correctly at checkout. Mehta says of this problem: “At CouponAlbum we avoid this kind of error for our customers by running a code check and validation continuously.”

Users of CouponAlbum are greeted with Handpicked Deals of the Day when coming into the site, and the site offers easy browsing for coupons under product category, store and coupon types: new, expiring, free shipping and printable. A robust and user-friendly search uses product keywords to return results in stores with coupons for those items, for example: a search on books returns stores with book discount coupons.

One of CouponAlbum’s newest and most popular features is its coupon forums. CouponAlbum’s forums are a powerful and timely way for the site’s coupon users to share information and tips for better buys and savings. Mehta observes, “Through CouponAlbum we are creating an online coupon community.”

About Us: CouponAlbum applies a clean design approach for its web pages and follows a non-flashy banner policy to reduce visual noise. We process hundreds of daily/weekly newsletters and emails, in addition to thousands of coupons we receive from stores. We process about 10 million records and pick the optimal 100,000 deals we feel users will statistically prefer – based on our proprietary algorithm.

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