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Our Beliefs

The concept of personal branding was coined years ago by management guru Tom Peters writing in a widely-read magazine. In this first usage he stated it is for anyone who wants to advance themselves—as their own marketer.

To us personal branding is not just another pop buzzword. It’s our philosophy, core and passion. We believe it will create a TRANSFORMING DIFFERENCE in your life opportunities.

We believe personal branding is an ultimate marketing expression for life or vocation pursuits that are outside or alongside of searching for a job or seeking a promotion.

How We Perceive Your Potential

Our perception is that each individual is a Brand. Each individual possesses unique qualities, capabilities, potential, plus life experience. Nurturing and empowering you as a Brand is a continuous, updating process. This process is best accomplished with a team that facilitates your progress by providing highly visible space, expressive tools, and affordable services and advice.

Personal Branding Applies to Many Goals

  • Job search and career promotion advancement

  • Artist or artistic promotion

  • Position yourself as a guide, mentor, counselor

  • Position yourself as a leader in a field

  • Recognition as a thought leader

  • College or other institutional admission

  • Attracting specific talent and collaborators

  • Establishment as a community or altruistic leader or participant

  • Current chronicle of one’s life

  • Retirement chronicle of one’s life, a summation

That’s what we’re about at Rockon. We bring comprehensive, complete personal branding to you. Our tools coalesce into a single well-conceived space for all your accomplishments, life interests, passions, stories, pursuits, travels, insights, observations, personal knowledge encyclopedia, and accrued wisdom. This adds enormous value to your already established career history.

We are not just a personal branding web page as other sites provide. That’s very limited and frankly too amateur. The social media sites and business bio connecting sites also fall very short of the comprehensive presentation and power of our personal branding platform.

Our Mission—Empower Your Brand

What does personal branding do for me?

Good question. Today’s world of presenting yourself to people includes both in-person networking and interviewing and your online presence that connects, broadcasts, promotes you. Personal branding should present the most complete, insightful, positively persuasive portrait of you. All under your creative control. We call it a Power Biography and with this comprehensive biography is created the most meaningful channels to Power Connect.

Our concept of personal branding is being the most complete, insightful, positively persuasive portrait of you. It SETS YOU APART. Broadcasts YOUR INDIVIDUAL STORY AS YOU WANT IT TOLD. Gives you FULL DEFINITION. Provides a portrait of your passions and interests. All under your creative control.

Look at personal branding as the most perfect biography possible of you. Powerful. Persuasive. Passionate. Presenting a sum total of you to others that will profoundly and authentically affect how they see you and want to relate to you. What could this lead to? An enormous field of opportunities. Some of which are goals. Some of which are windfalls that will come to you because your personal branding biography is so comprehensive and compelling.

Our Goal

We provide the space, the tools, and the guides/mentors/helpers to craft the MOST POWERFUL PERSONAL BRANDING OF YOU IMAGINABLE. And our platform gives you the perfect environment to connect with other members, get feedback from them, share interests and passions, build co-branding.

How do I do this?

You start with all the layout space and creation tools we provide to build through words, images, video your personal branding biography (and we have a team to help you). It can start simple. And become richly complete and very current with a powerful capturing of who you are in life, in life interests, in passionate pursuits, in reflections and accomplishments.

Need help?

If you need help with any part of this process, our team includes writers, mentors, guides in all areas of Personal Branding expertise. Our advisors or writers work directly with you to craft the best possible biography of you and to help you directly with your goals.

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