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We are two freelance SEO experts, pay per click and Social Media Marketing pros in the Bay Area who specialize in national SEO campaigns and local, top placement search engine results. SEO search engine ranking nationally (from any state your business is located) and in the San Francisco Bay Area is crucial, vital, critical—an absolute must if you’re a small to medium business that needs to be found on internet searches to build store traffic, online business and consumer awareness. This means: ranking for national searches or local ranking to the town, city (cities) and county (or counties) your business wants to be listing on the engines for. Say you’re in San Francisco and you’re a painter, or art gallery owner, Italian restaurant owner, psychotherapist or women’s clothing boutique owner and you want to rank on page 1 for the locale you cater to. You need to have SEO that is targeting those locales with the full range of keyword phrases that cover all your products or services.

That is what we do. Get you ranked as high as possible in the engines for the locales you serve. When somebody puts in a search phrase that has your service and your locale in it, you are right there on page 1, as high as possible. There are no guarantees in SEO ranking placement, but there are logical best practices that the search engines recognize in ranking decisions. It’s all mathematics or algorithms vs. English language which the algorithms interpret as to how well your site is serving the public in the services or products you offer. Our expertise lies in being extremely familiar with how language that appears on a site’s pages and source code drives specific parts of the algorithm responses. We’re SEO judo practitioners and scientists who make content and back link adjustments, anticipate and monitor the results, then make more adjustments to keep the site moving up against the competition.

SEO ranking services, affordable for San Francisco Bay Area, all areas.

what the engines love…

Businesses seeking high ranking results are at the mercy of the search engines. The search engines—Google, Bing and Yahoo (and smaller ones) are really just mathematics or algorithms coded for search results. No human is evaluating your site for ranking. The algorithms are. And they do this by regularly analysing the written content on your site and determining (by what are called tags, metatags and snippets) how your content relates to searches people make on their browsers.

Our method, developed over the past seven years, speaks (actually writes) directly to the way the engines’ algorithms evaluate a site’s written content. This includes tags, metatags, headers, and the actual copy. We always use white hat, best practices the engines are looking for and expecting from sites. The intention over time is to build up the site’s SEO presence to such a high quality in the eyes of the engines that the site is considered an “authority” site meaning it is ranked at the top with certain perks of authority.

We often achieve page 1 or 2 ranking for local sites over a period of a few weeks. This is definitely achieved in every case for sites that are not in super competitive fields. If your site is in a competitive field the process can take a few weeks or a month or more if the site is in a super competitive field in a certain locale. For example, plumbers physically located in one town trying to establish a page 1 beachhead in another town they are not physically located in would run into this.

stepping stones we walk…

1.) deep, comprehensive research of the keyword phrases your site’s business should be found under as determined by normal language use by visitors and certain apps that track keyword usage. This process includes closely studying the keyword phrases your top competitors use. Also includes integrating the locale names (city, county) into the keyword phrase list.

2.) write original tag, metatag, header and content copy for each page of the site that is being used for SEO targeting. This content writing is partially done in a syntax that is particular to the search engines’ algorithms (how they analyze the written language). Expert creation of content snippets.

3.) code the SEO copy into the site following best practices and check all elements of SEO best practices for each page (an extensive check list)

4.) use “social signals” from other social media marketing outlets that directly relate to improved SEO ranking for the site (some social media do not provide this).

5.) every 30 days rewrite the SEO content for each page to introduce to the engine’s fresh content which is highly prized in the ranking algorithms. This keeps the site moving up in ranking against the competition or staying steady in an already high ranking position

best affordable seo ranking services marin, napa, sonoma, san francisco to san jose, all sf bay area, all states nationally

Our search engine optimization SEO services for Marin, Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco to San Jose are expert and very rare in that we have 16 years of actual down in the Google trenches of bringing sites up to the top positions on Google search returns.

We also do SEO for clients all over the U.S., both local in their city or nationally for a national campaign.

Nothing is guaranteed in SEO as your site is competing on Google against other sites doing SEO – the more competitive the more time to break into page 1 ranking. But we use best white hat practices, and have our own proprietary methodology honed over these many years. SEO services should build on wide experience across many business or personal fields. Not theory. Really successful SEO takes many years of experience in how each page is analyzed by the search engines, which elements are the most important and the best approach to composing those elements.

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