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Two freelance SEO experts for San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose: also doing social marketing and back linking campaigns. Affordably serving all Bay Area. We achieve top ranking search engine results. Local and national campaigns - each executed with a very smart working strategy. There are many, many sites with bad SEO. We fix bad search engine optimization. And if your site is new, our work is done the right way to achieve page 1 ranking. James and Andrea. Give us a call. Nothing is farmed out.

SEO search engine ranking in the San Francisco Bay Area is an absolute must if you’re a small to medium business that needs to be found on internet searches to build store traffic, online business and positive awareness about your store or services. Or you need top national results for a US-wide audience.

Local means: local ranking to the town, city (cities) and county (or counties) your business wants to be ranking in - as high as possible. For example, you’re in San Francisco and you’re a painter, or art gallery owner, Italian restaurant owner, psychotherapist or women’s clothing boutique owner and you want to rank on page 1 for San Francisco and maybe a little broader area. You need to have SEO that is targeting those locales with a comprehensive list of variations of keyword phrases that identify and describe your products or services. You also need social media buzz which drives further ranking exposure exponentially. Or maybe you want a pay per click campaign that works with your organic campaign. We've done Google grants PPC campaigns as well.

That is what our small firm does. Get you ranked as high as possible in the engines for the locations you serve. And create social media campaigns that stimulate business - if you desire that. Our clients tell us we are the best at this art and science they've worked with. For best results, call us. Consultant services also.

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