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As our name, Transform Real Estate, implies—we are real estate brokers specializing in bringing luxury condos and houses built with green, energy efficient, eco-conscious and environmentally friendly practices to people looking for upscale living reflecting personal ecological and environmental values.

No matter where you live—in Las Vegas, New York, Hong Kong or Paris—if you’re looking for luxurious living or business space in the midst of Las Vegas’ rich scenic, healthy, cultural milieu, then we encourage you to contact us soon. Please read about the historic projects we represent. For us to best serve your budding or deep interest in these upscale residential or retail condos, we invite you to register with us using our simple contact form.

There are three new, beautifully conceived and extraordinarily comprehensive condo projects being built in Las Vegas right now—each with all the luxuries and amenities expected plus leading-edge green design, technologies and materials. They are CityCenter, Sullivan Square and Green Valley Lofts.

We are available to introduce you to these projects professionally, quickly and with our years of experience in luxury living wedded to conservation values. We have been involved as brokers with these three historic projects since their conception—and now through their construction. Additionally, we specialize in offering existing or newly constructed homes transformed into green, eco-friendly and energy-efficent expressions—thus increasing the homeowners sense of values lived and adding significant appreciation to the house.


CityCenter (or City Center) is a $7 billion extraordinary blend of architectural expression, 21st century amenities and green certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) design and construction. It is being built on 1200 feet of frontage on the Las Vegas Strip between Bellagio and Monte Carlo. CityCenter is envisioned as a city within a city—cultural blocks from New York, San Francisco, Paris, Rome artfully placed in downtown Las Vegas. Alongside of the green and luxurious residential and retail condos, there is international-class shopping and epicurean bistros. Add in splendid cosmopolitan galleries, all-year sports and recreation, exciting performing arts and cultural events. All this in the Nevada climate, renowned for healthy living, personal recreation and hobby expressions and business prosperity.

Sullivan Square

Sullivan Square is a residential and retail condo and living/culture architecture spanning several classic styles over several blocks—all towards creating a sense of cultural neighborhood and place. It strives to cultivate living space and lifestyle touches and amenities that are perfect for singles, couples and families, and small to medium businesses. The styles of condos and boutique/office space includes lofts, terraces, brownstones, and tower. Green building methods and materials, along with thoughtful energy and water conservation engineering make Sullivan Square attractive both in philosophy and practice.

Green Valley Lofts

Styled as “the evolution of residential living” Green Valley Lofts features 5 stylish stories of 41 residential upscale condominiums and soft footprint retails units that integrate sustainable, aesthetic design (LEED certified) approaches and cutting-edge building techniques. Located on the Green Valley Parkway with views of the Las Vegas Strip and encircling mountains, Green Valley Lofts provides a comfortable, principled blending of living space, recreation and conservation practice.

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