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As part of James’ vocation within a monastery complex for 25 years (see About) he has been deeply engaged in the art of publishing—from running a Heidelburg Press to book and magazine design to being a lead designer/developer for websites that involved publishing, education, nonprofit, history, artifacts and ecommerce.

The exacting and creative demands of graphic design translate very well into web design—where in a limited space the designer needs to create elements that are aesthetic, unique, psychologically attractive to the site's natural or broad audience, easy and intuitive to navigate, very functional and engineered to rank high on Google, Yahoo! and other search engines.

James‘ and Andrea’s web design tools include expert use of WordPress, Dreamweaver, Javascript, PHP, CSS, and the creation of E-commerce websites. James also writes content for many of our web clients, and both Andrea and James deliver master-level SEO for clients needing SEO.


Web design philosophy: Work closely with each client to craft an image-and-text look that suits their personal interests, services or products while drawing on design approaches that we can introduce them to, or that they have seen elsewhere and wish to incorporate into their site. Develop a look that excites and appeals to a certain audience or demographic, or broaden out for a more eclectic pallet of imagery and background space.

Visitors like innovation, but they like it fast loading. We specialize in sites that load fast on all browsers, yet, if desired, integrate some dynamic features: motion and fades of images and/or words. Navigation strategy is crucial, and we give each client all of our experience in creating navigation across the pages that is natural and sensible. Pages are well cross-linked to facilitate high search engine ranking. As well, we apply the latest techniques to building search engine ranking optimization into each site.

Affordable website design designer for wordpress, ecommerce, all SF Bay Area.

smart affordable website design services marin, napa, sonoma, san francisco to san jose, all sf bay area & national work

Our website design includes the full range of WordPress types of sites, from blogs to brochure type sites to ecommerce sites with full cart and credit card processing functioning. I come out of a strong graphic design background (working in publishing houses among other environments) and as a web designer take a graphic design approach, yet keep in mind what is contemporary and what works on mobile phones—as mobile phone responsiveness is so important these days. We are also very familiar with Shopify, Squarespace and other ecommerce platforms, and do full-on web maintenance as well.

Our clients come from all over the Bay Area, from Los Angeles to New York City, and we build sites for both local presentation and companies or individuals reaching out to nationwide audiences.

You can talk to big firms and spend a lot of money and be a client they get back to in a couple of days. Or you can talk to us, keep to a very reasonable budget and talk to us immediately. Best web design services Marin, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco to San Jose, all SF Bay Area locales.

Brand new website for an upscale Smart Home and Entertainment Design/Installation company serving the greater San Jose area. A 5-page site including their Services. They are ordering SEO from us in the near future.


Full web design for a well-established optometrist office in Mill Valley, serving all of Marin County. A combined aesthetic and functional approach.


Website design for a nonprofit project offering information and data on the equity status of women in college athletics - called Accelerate Equity, including integrating live-adjust Tableau graph presentations.


OPC is a construction company in the East Bay Area which needed a new website showcasing their competencies and project range.


A first-phase single-page site promoting foreign and indigenous investments in a snack and specialty food manufacturing facility in Ethiopia. This site includes 2 videos.


Completely new website design for the most prominent national men’s health nonprofit site, over 146 pages with full back end library function, full SEO (in development) and maintenance of this Men’s Health Network site.


Web design and SEO for a national salad dressing artisan brand on Squarespace.


Web design for a walking and running coach in the Santa Cruz area, with an ecommerce function for buying workshops online.


Web design and SEO for a Marin County therapist.


5-page website design and development presenting the chemistry PhD thesis of Dr. Kevin Desisto, his publications, and his consulting and tutoring services.


Changed the host for this site, as prior host was performing very badly, updated design elements, doing SEO on 5 services offered for the SF Bay Area.


Web design for a custom cabinet shop in northern CA.


A single-page site serving as an online presentation of an apartment to rent for vacations near Waikiki in Honolulu, including a slide show of the apartment rooms and a video of the building’s special amenities.


Planted Tank Mates is a site that compares in real time species of fish, shrimp and plants for compatibility in amateur to professional level planted tank aquariums. The site is also set up for running Adsense and Amazon Ads. We are doing SEO for this site.


Piranha Electronic Manufacturing Services of Silicon Valley needed a radical new website design to graphically showcase the difference between them and other EMS companies, and as a follow up brochure site to face-to-face presentations.

Site in development.


Website design, SEO and Google Ads campaign for a Bay Area company that offers large power generator rentals, water and fire damage remediation and other cleanup services from San Jose up to Eureka.


Web design for soil and stone vendor with emphasis on visitor functionality, ease of choices and edifying information.

Site in development.


This is a historic first: a website for the first major all-inclusive retirement center in Ethiopia in Africa. This site is being used by the innovator of this project, Fessha Taye, to present to high level Ethiopian government officials and leading business people and thinkers.


Web design, graphic design and content writing for a spiritual inspiration services nonprofit and its many international outreach projects.


Website design and SEO for a psychotherapist with offices in New Canaan, CT and New York City.


Web design and SEO for porous paving materials - outdoors and indoors - SF Bay Area and national.


Web design and SEO for herbal nutraceuticals ecommerce site on Shopify.


Transportation booking, specialty visitor concierge services and executive protection bodyguard or security services for Cancun, Mexico. Complete transport booking functionality, full SEO (in development), and website maintenance.

Site is in development.


Web design for virtual assistant services.


New design of The Art of Arousal sexologist website in Marin County, completely new design approach to existing site so it presents well on Mobile devices, and full SEO.


Web design and SEO for an aging issues, lifestyle consultant and public speaker.


Web design, logo design and SEO for a San Francisco interior design boutique - Shopify ecommerce site.


Web design and SEO for a family psychologist in upstate New York.


Web design and SEO for an EMDR therapy site in Manhattan, NYC.


Web design, logo design and SEO for a network cabling, VOIP and WiFi wiring installation services company in Los Angeles.


Redoing most of the existing site and adding in 7 landing pages for promoting a leading personal trainer’s services in specific locales in the SF Bay Area, full SEO (in development) and copywriting services.


Web design for a California artist.


Web design for a national site providing drone surveillance services.


Design and expansion for wider marketing purposes of this rooftop and ground-mount solar panel installation company in San Jose, with full SEO, Google Ads campaign, Adroll campaign, Facebook Ads campaign and other marketing outreach channels.


Web design, graphic design and SEO for a prominent office furniture dealership in Phoenix, Arizona.


Web design for a Santa Barbara attorney.


Web design, graphic design and SEO for a Manhattan NY psychotherapist couples counseling site.


Web design, graphic design, content writing for Dr. Ted Anders, spiritual advisor, author and corporate customer driven leadership mentor. National exposure.


Web design, logo design, SEO and ecommerce for a maker of hemp CBD, CBG, CBN gummy bears -  WordPress Woocommerce site.


Web design and SEO for a prominent window and door installation services and showroom business in the SF Bay Area.


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