World’s Largest Humpback Whale

Redwood Sculpture Comes Onto Market To Benefit - Two Nonprofit Organizations

Mt. Shasta, CA—A life-size Humpback whale sculpture carved from redwood—the largest redwood sculpture in the world—is now coming on to the art market. Over the past nine years in 23 cities one million people experienced a profound closeness with a unique full size Humpback whale and calf sculpture. The enormous whale and calf are lifelike and combine the whales’ sleek beauty and the organic richness of redwood into a meaningful ecological statement of the interconnectedness of the biosphere. “The life size whale sculpture is awesome to be near. It makes a bold statement about the importance of preserving our natural resources for all living beings,” says Stephanie Hoffman, a management consultant. Sculpted by renowned wood sculptors Marcus Von Skepsgardh and Shane Eagleton from a single salvaged redwood log, the “Humpback Whale and Her Calf” is being made available for purchase by public businesses or private individuals. The whale’s sale price is $175,000, based upon a group sculpture appraisal from a senior member of the American Society of Appraisers. The sculpture may be exhibited in both outdoor and indoor spaces. Carved out of the same 41-foot redwood log were two more life-size pieces: an African elephant bust and a Galapogas tortoise. Von Skepsgardh named the grouping of redwood pieces “Whale Forest Sculptures.” The ensemble is appraised at $243,120. The sculptures are now being listed on Ebay.

The “Humpback Whale and Her Calf” redwood sculpture includes an ocean environment of redwood dolphins and other sea creatures beneath the whale. The entire sculpture is mounted on a flatbed trailer for easy transportation. The sculpture measures 33 feet long, 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall. The sale of this very rare sculpture ensemble benefits two nonprofit organizations based near Mt. Shasta: Protect All Life Foundation, an environmental group specializing in recycled tree sourcing and the American Institute for Arts and Communities, an arts and education nonprofit.

“When you stand in her presence you feel the love she has for her young. You can touch her majesty and sense the grandeur of this animal. You can feel the exhilaration of being overwhelmed (and rightly so) by her size compared to yours,” says Bill Truby, author and business consultant. Since their creation, Marcus von Skepsgardh has regularly made these sculptures available for use in artistic, educational, and environmental events. While he feels an undeniable affinity for these sculptures—as they have graced his residence and working environment over the years—Marcus believes that these sculptures carry a strong message and should therefore be available for a larger public to appreciate and enjoy.

The enormous whale is carved out of a single redwood log, an artistic accomplishment that is very rare in the fine wood sculpture world. The origin of the sculpture dates back to the discovery, in 1994, of an old-growth redwood log on the property of a defunct sawmill in Willets, California. The original log was 41 feet long and nine feet in diameter. This log was obtained by the artists and transported to a workspace in the San Francisco Bay Area, where it was carved into the whale and the two other pieces. These two sculptures are available for sale separately.

Protecting the Whales: Because their feeding, mating and calving grounds are close to shore and because they are slow swimmers, the Humpback Whales were easy targets for early whalers. These whales have been hunted to near extinction and only about 25,000 exist today.

The “Humpback Whale and Her Calf” powerfully and artistically captures the plight of all endangered species on the planet, and the very tenuous bonds between humans, mammals, animals and the collective biosphere. Marcus von Skepsgardh observes that the whale would be perfect for museums, nonprofit institutions, educational institutions, aquatic life and exhibit parks, sculpture parks, municipalities, corporations and small businesses, and private collections. A brochure on the sculpture is available.

Contact James Acker (707) 237-2656 or Joy von Skepsgardh (530) 459-5077 for further information on the purchase of the Humpback Whale and Her Calf sculpture.

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