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About Me

My personal philosophy in the establishing of a customer relationship— whether it be a one-time purchase or cultivation of a longtime friendship—is summed this way: Bring all of my background and experience to a sensitive, daily embrace of activities that provide each customer with a genuine experience of care, comfort, knowledge, responsiveness and responsibility. I live this philosophy. Every day—from early in the morning till late at night. When you come in to my website, or send me an email, I want you to know and feel that your need at that moment is my need. That your interest is my personal interest. Or your concern is my concern—to warmly and intelligently address and remedy. I value trustworthiness in others, and strive to earn your trust.

Why is this? Well because my background is largely in nonprofit. For many years I was at the executive level of financial planning and organizing for the Hellen Keller national nonprofit. Before that I was involved at a high level in various financial institutions and owned my own business. But it is the nonprofit mindset and experience that most shaped me. The intention of a nonprofit is to serve the public good-to bring help, hope and opportunity to individuals.

I've taken that intention from my nonprofit experience and applied it to my online business. In effect, I want to serve you, as a customer of mine, with a sense that you are being individually helped—provided with informative knowledge, given excellent choices and purchase prices, guided to connections you may not have made, attending to your purchase, shipping and follow-up needs with surety and deference.

I know what it is like to be a customer well taken care of, and one that is not well treated or regarded. A significant part of my experience both professionally and as a consumer goes toward making your experience pleasant, satisfying and memorable. I'd love to have you come back. I'd love to have you make my store one of your favorite shopping places. I think about creating that environment for you every day.

About Us

We are a small, growing company—called CJA Group—bringing unique, reputable and prized items to a discerning online clientele who look for and expect extraordinary service. We feel our modest size gives us the perfect environment and the daily time to make sure your shopping experience is a fulfilling.

Much of our company time is spent on locating items that are of high quality and fit into a cross section of lifestyle needs. By working closely with our suppliers and taking advantage of timing we are able to pass on cost savings to you.

Our stock is carefully tended so that you are ensured of receiving an item in its described condition. Our products are often guaranteed through warranty, and we have built a reputation of trust for seeing to warranty needs.

Each person who visits our site and is inspired to buy from us is considered an individual whom we are responsible to. Our company philosophy is to value each customer and create a buying and receiving experience that invites each purchaser to return. We have an open-door policy for listening to your suggestions, commentary and grievances. And promise to respond to each customer's needs as quickly and responsibly as possible.

We strive to make our company policies clear and easy to understand, and our friendly, experienced staff are happy to answer your questions on any aspect of your shopping with us.

Mission Statement

The intention of CJA Group is to continually value each of our customers—recognizing that each visitor to our online store holds perspectives and expectations of excellent shopping service that we strive to be in consonance with and to fulfill. A point of pride for us is our ability to think and feel as our customers do. Our selection of products reflects our commitment to taste, quality and personal expression; to continually search out those items we feel our visitors would enjoy being shown. At the center of our company's approach to online commerce is our daily commitment to excellent customer service, from the moment the visitor enters our online store to the future when an item from us is a prized part of the visitor's home or lifestyle.

Our Standards Of Integrity

  • Our primary responsibility is to our customers' satisfaction—meeting and surpassing obligations and making sure commitments stated are fulfilled.

  • Communications with customers (and others involved in our business) are open, accurate and timely.

  • Creating an atmosphere of confidence in our company and staff by maintaining exemplary ethical standards.

Our Standards Of Excellence

  • Maintain exemplary standards of business performance and decorum, always striving to improve customer relationship skills and being responsive to customer input.

  • Search out new ideas and perspectives that bring better products and service to our customers—and be prepared for change in the marketplace.

  • Maintain transparent openness in our policies that serves to fully inform customers and vendors—creating a perpetuating atmosphere of confidence.

CJA Group Terms and Conditions

We strive to make your shopping experience pleasant and satisfactory through the following guidelines. Please read these carefully, as they constitute a contract between us and our valued customers.

Service to our customers is a priority. Responding to your inquiries or grievances is taken in the warm spirit of a neighborhood store seeing to your needs as quickly as possible.

General Terms

Our item descriptions are as accurate as we can make them. Each piece is visually inspected and its condition accurately recorded. Therefore, we anticipate that your perception of the item after you receive it will be in accord with ours. If you feel otherwise, we will be happy to listen. But we reserve the right to maintain that our description was accurate.

  • We will endeavor to ship from 4 - 7 business days once payment has been received and cleared. Please allow a full 7 days, if we cannot ship earlier.

  • Delays in receiving items as a result of strikes, war, acts of God or any other unforeseen circumstances are outside of our control—and therefore we are not liable for these delays.

  • There are no stocking fees applied.

  • Our warranties are expressed in the auction listing. Outside of the stated warranty, we cannot offer further protection.

  • We can combine for multiple purchases.

  • Payments should be received within 7 days of the end of the auction. If payment is not received in this period, and there is no satisfactory explanation, the sale will be considered unconcluded.

  • If circumstances are such that we feel the need to withdraw an item before the final sales, as permitted by Ebay guidelines, we will do so.

  • If circumstances are apparent in questionable bidding, we will judiciously cancel the bid.


All items will be shipped according to the following guidelines:

  • Each item will have proof of shipment.

  • Items will be sent via USPS unless otherwise stated.

  • Insurance and tracking is not included.

  • Insurance and tracking is available at an additional cost. In many cases, we recommend doing this. Please inquire on the pricing of these services.

  • Tracking numbers are provided by USPS and assigned to each item shipped so that the shipping progress can be monitored. There is no extra cost for this.

  • We will assume responsibility for items that are not received by customers.

  • Reports of non-delivery must be sent to us within 30 days of the item shipment date.

  • Any non-deliverable item that is returned to us will be held until additional payment is received for re-shipment.

  • Overnight shipping is available at an additional charge. Prior to bidding, please email us for overnight pricing.

  • If the item is being shipped outside the continental United States, do not send payment until the total due is emailed to you. If you do pay an incomplete amount, we will hold the item until the full balance due is received.

  • We offer a flat fee structure for national shipping sales. International sales will be adjusted with the goal of offering reasonable international shipping rates.

We are not responsible for customs tax and duties if the item is shipped out of the United States. All additional charges incurred will be the responsibility of the buyer. If you are purchasing from outside the United States, please ensure that you check the relevant customs laws in your country for charges to receive this item.

All items bought on Ebay will be subject to all of Ebay's sales conditions, including ours.

We will respond to any disputes over charges of bid, shipping or weight of item.


Our sole method of receiving payment is through PayPal—as PayPal protects both the buyer and the seller. Please refrain from bidding if you cannot pay through PayPal. Other forms of payment cannot be accepted. If this occurs, the final sale will be cancelled and we will relist the item.

Any problems arising through the use of PayPal will be addressed through PayPal. In addition, any cancellations of payments and or charge backs before or after an item has been received will be followed up, including with legal or law enforcement agencies (for breach of contract or theft).

Prices stated for bid and for shipping are in USD. All shipping costs given are for the continental United States only. Outside of that area, please email for shipping costs prior to bidding.

If you require a different shipping method, please email us with full details prior to bidding. We will attempt in all ways to accommodate your needs.

Refund Policy

Refunds will be offered on defective or damaged merchandise only.


All communications via eBay are welcomed and will be addressed immediately and, we hope, to the customer's satisfaction. Please strive to contact us within 7 days. After that period, our considering of the grievance is limited by the amount of time gone by in the transaction. Within 7 days is reasonable for us and our customers.

Please pack any items that are to be returned to us with the same packing materials (or similar) as used in shipping the item to you.

If you have any questions, please email us at angela@cjagrp.com.

Thank you very much.

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