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Every aspect of your life and lifestyle depend on image, communication skills and personality. Your job, relationships and special opportunities are shaped by how you look and act. Improved Image Consulting Services, founded by Vanessa O’Dea, works with you to cultivate the most impressive individual image and persona for life’s complex range of demands.

Within ten minutes of our free initial consultation, you will see how quickly and powerfully our consultants’ knowledge can help outline and achieve your goals.

You’ve taken the first step by visiting us. If you want to be more attractive, glamorous, persuasive and popular, we will bring all of our experience and resources to creating an exciting new you. If you dream of more success in your professional or personal life, we are here to methodically manifest that dream with you.

Men and women come to IICS for the scientifically proven knowledge and genuine care we bring to each person. From the initial consultation through our excellent catalog of services to the event/mixers arranged, our focus is on you and your success.

Our individual clients come from all ages and locales across the country. Companies in many states utilize our expertise to cultivate employees toward better appearance and presentation. Our representation contributes to the company’s reputation. Employees with excellent presentation and a company’s reputation for personnel image reflects well on the corporate message and improves bottom-line performance. Fashion professionals and celebrity management firms routinely turn to us for personalized and confidential services. The resources we’ve assembled are widely respected, and are another reason business or private clients return to us.

Your assumption may be: Why do I need an image guide? I know enough already. Our answer is simple: Your projected image, personality and social graces are vital and change frequently based on your goals. It is really a foundation, not an after thought or casual affectation. We create that foundation with you. Our consultants have broad expertise and a successful history of image enhancement. You can count on our years of experience with an enormous variety of people—including the personal image enhancement for each of our consultants. We know how to take your dream and help you build it.

Vanessa and her team of consultants help you create a unique character, build your reputation, and elevate your confidence. The result is not only an improved image, but an improved lifestyle. This is what sets IICS apart from other image consultants and celebrity consultants.

We invite you to explore with Vanessa how IICS may cultivate in you: enhancement of your image and the crucial resources that will lead towards success in all that you do; speaking and dialog skills; body language and personality clues, qualities to make a favorable impression; interpersonal relationship approaches, networking and social encounter skills.

Hello and welcome. My name is Vanessa O’Dea. I founded IICS in 2003 on the realization that most image consulting programs were missing a crucial element: the person and their lifestyle. Cosmetic makeovers could be done. Social etiquette taught. Personality enhancers instilled. I realized that while these were excellent transformations, more was needed. As the primary consultant at IICS I developed a series of programs that address your image and presentation skills, yet also address personality and lifestyle. And finally, I empower you with the right connections and resources.

The results are more real and genuine. The people you are striving to impress, engage, or influence will notice this truer development.

One of our major areas of focus is your lifestyle. We want to introduce you to all facets of your desired lifestyle, and perhaps introduce lifestyle practices that you have little knowledge of. I draw much on my own experience of lifestyle change and enhancements, as does each of my consultants. I have arrived at a certain level of personal fulfillment through changes in myself over the years that drove other changes of lifestyle. This deep pool of experience begins to work for you during our first session.

Our essential approach is to help you experience your most desired goals of success. We are satisfied with our own performance only when your expectations have been reached or exceeded.

I have strived to make IICS more deep and personal than other image consulting services. As a result, my small firm enjoys benchmarks of success: No Fee Consulting offered to young adults between the ages of 12-23, client referrals, client rewards and our high-end resources. We provide custom solutions, excellent higher society social-venue resources, and entrez-vous to important NYC events and mixers, including our annual private industry event. Be our guest and have fun meeting influential people who radiate the qualities of glamour, confidence, power, character and charisma.

My team and I draw on a broad spectrum of research, education, resources and personal experience to provide you with the most integrated approach to image improvement. I have over seven years of education and experience collectively in Real Estate, Business, Public Relations, Event Planning and Fashion. My passion for people and life’s precious moments enables me to be like no other in the industry. In addition to my corporate background I continue to work with leaders of the Fashion and Entertainment Industry as a Makeup Artist, Celebrity Stylist, Personal Consultant Event Manager/ Organizer.

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